Future Events

The following events have been scheduled by the Shen Tai Chi Academy.

World Tai Chi Day 2019 — Ms. Pamela Hedge

Saturday, 27th. April 2019 (10:00am - 11:30am) at John Whitehead Park.

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Our yearly Tai Chi and Qigong in the Park for World Tai Chi and Qigong Day 2019. The event is always free but we do go for a cuppa after the event. New comers and beginners are always welcome. As always we collected food and toiletries for the Food Bank before the day. All contributions are gratefully received. Can I thank those who have contributed, you are stars.

Grandmaster Liming Yue Seminar Weekend 2019 — Grandmaster Liming Yue (Guest Instructor)

Saturday, 21st. September 2019 (02:00am - 06:00am) at Low Grange Community Centre.

Grand Master Liming Yue

An all weekend seminar from 2pm to 6pm Saturday and 11am to 3pm Sunday. Liming Yue will be teaching Laojia Form, Silk Reeling Energy, Sword and Qigong. Prices are £90 for the full weekend or £50 for a day. 2 seminars Saturday and 2 Seminars Sunday. Prices available on request for individual seminars.

Contact Pamela Hedge for further details: Tel: 01642 532800,  Mobile: 07484121596,  email: hedgehoghibernating@btinternet.com.

Past Events

The Shen Tai Chi Academy have ran the following events.